The "X" Factor of CLO Symposium

Posted by Trey Smith on Mar 16, 2017 2:28:53 PM
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Why do attendees come to CLO Symposium?


There is a reason learning and business executives return to the CLO Symposium year after year. In fact, there are lots of reasons! Here, in their own words, are a few reviews provided by some of last year’s attendees:

“It’s just the right amount of people for a conference. I liked that I could meet and talk with people and still see them the next day. That just doesn’t happen at larger conferences.”

“[Liked] the networking and the amazing knowledge level of all those in attendance/presenting.”

“There was a nice flow to the event — it kept you moving and interested.”

“Was a wonderful event with great people and great networking. Relaxing setting, as well with many informative sessions. Well organized.”

“I loved meeting like-minded people.”

“Very well run, interesting and provocative speakers, good colleagues and contacts, not a bit vendor/sell feeling, relaxed, great venue, good food, loved the gala.”

“I plan to attend again as the discussions helped us with our strategy, focus and areas for growth. We made several connections at the conference who can help us as we move forward.”

“This is one of the best conferences and networking events for learning professionals.”

“Great conversations, very high level of thought on the industry” 

Of course, the only way to really form your own opinion is to experience CLO Symposium17 for yourself. Join us in April and let us know what you think!